Wednesday, 31 October 2012

trick or treating... well treating

The kids are very excited about trick or treating this year, to them it's dressing up and eating lollies and that was about what it meant to me until I did a bit of reading on the web.. ha, web...

Anyway, I've contacted some mums that live walking distance from our house so we'll go and knock on their doors dressed up and say "trick or treat" but there will be no tricks. The whole thing is pretty bizzare and I've never really thought much of halloween. If it continues to be popular in this house in future I'll find some way of teaching them the history around it and the meaning behind its traditions.

All dressed up and waiting on the doorstep to go..

We made some extra 'ghost' treats too, just Chuppa Cups covered in white fabric, tied with ribbon and a face drawn on : ).

I love this pic of the kids dancing at their aunty and Uncle's halloween party.

Some super cute home made costumes I found online.

some others here:



  1. When I was little we had to sing a song or recite a poem when we went round the doors on halloween. It was fun practising beforehand and performing to the neighbours.
    I hate that kids coming round the door think that they deserve chocolate or goodies just for dressing up and would love to see more doing little ditties and putting smiles on peoples faces- maybe something for your kids to do next year?

  2. We had jokes prepared- but they were way too shy to say them. I gave out handmade spider and ghost favours to the pre-arranged homes we visited so I felt like it was a happy exchange this year. You've got me thinking about when they're older and may want to visit more houses though : )

  3. love the ghost lollipops, and that humpty dumpty costume is sooooo cute!