Monday, 25 May 2015

a stick and wool mobile

It rained when we visited my mum in Wellington recently. I knew T would enjoy this craft as it involved wrapping sticks with lots of different coloured wool- it really is as simple as that. Once they're all done, tie them together, hang a rock or other type of weight on the end and find somewhere to hang it. We've hung ours at the front door. I like how it spins in the breeze and adds a bit of colour. Things are looking a bit dreary in the front garden right now- Winter is coming.

You can see on our mobile that it's unraveling a bit- we probably should've glued the wool ends down when we made it ( we just knotted it instead). I will fix it one day.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

leaf fairies

M's idea- similar to the animal idea we tried, have a look here at how we've used leaves before today. Today it was fairies and elves. I though some water colour paints would be good to use too.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Rainbow writing

M found this idea in an old school journal.

1. Draw thick lines of oil pastels on a page
2. Turn that page over onto another blank piece of paper
3. Write on the back
4. Rainbow writing!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Feijoa vodka

This is suppossed to be even nicer than the vodka you can buy.

Take a 1.5 L glass jar ( I got mine from Countdown for $5)
Half fill the above container with washed and sliced Feijoas ( peel them if you want to)
Add 1 cup of white sugar
Fill with vodka ( any brand) and close. Keep the bottle.
Give the container an good shake and lave it on a window sill for a week, giving it a shake each day until the sugar has all dissolved.
Let it still for at least 3 months before straining back in to the vodka bottle.

I plan to have a few people over in Spring to sample it : )