Friday, 28 February 2014

a fairy garden

There's something about these images that appeal to me ( found on pinterest).


I wanted to make us one so we used the power of facebook to track down a broken pot to get us started ( thanks Kylie : ) ). I had a few smaller pots that we used liquid nails to hold in to place and lots of ice/ cactus plants growing at home that I could pick off. J found a fern that he planted in there too.

 Here's how ours turned out. We think that all gardens are made better with a tyre swing so the fairies got one as well as a toadstool to shelter under and a "bunting for when they have parties". It's not finished as we'd like to add a fairy house and maybe some outside furniture.  




Tuesday, 25 February 2014

more on his lego love

As this is blog for the kids in future, I thought I'd document this. As his mother it fascinates me ( and his dad). He spends hours making these 'creations' and every single one is always absolutely symmetrical. It makes me wonder what that means about him as a wee person and the man he'll be in future- a designer perhaps? A builder, draftsman? An artist?

We LOVE lego.

This one was my Valentines present x

Saturday, 22 February 2014

3 years on

A letter I wrote to the kids a few days after...

Today was the scariest day of your mum's life. We had another earthquake, a 6.4 that caused a lot of damage to our city, homes and to people.

I was at the letter box when it happened. You were inside on your own. I fell three times trying to stay upright and get back to you. I will never forget what the grass looked like and how the trees moved. It rolled like someone was shaking and pulling a thick green mat out from under me.

T, I knew you were in your bed. I stood in the hall by your room where I could see you in the lounge M. You were  sitting on the couch as it shook, you looked more confused than scared in that moment.

You ran to me and we both went into T's room. Your whole body shook when I held you T, I think you must have been asleep but had been woken by the noise. You were very scared.
I'm so glad I moved your drawers away from your bed as they had fallen over. Later you said " The earthquake broke my bedroom".

We went to M's room after that because it was lighter, the block out blind on your room made it dark and it was making you both more scared. Less things had fallen down in M's room too. We hugged on M's bed and I put my body over you both when the aftershocks happened.

Dad wasn't with us, he was out of town for work. I had to be brave for you. It was really hard.

Grandad came to see very soon after, he was checking on our family and looking for Nana. We went with him to his house. We drove to Aunty Sean and Shelley's first but they weren't home. The drive was scary. There was lots of flooding, lots of worried people trying to get to their families and some power lines had fallen down. Grandad drove over one and I thought we were going to get hurt by it.

Sonny had run away but he hadn't gone far. Before we left I got him back, he was scared too. I put him in our bedroom but he cut his paw on some glass so Grandad helped me clear the garage for him to get to his bed. I didn't like leaving him behind but there was no room in Grandad's car and I didn't want us to be at our house alone any longer. The street had flooded, yucky grey water was half way over our lawn and getting closer to the front of our house.

No one had power or water. We couldn't go inside Nana and Grandad's house as there was too much broken glass and damage. We all sat on the lawn listening to the radio and making phone calls checking that everyone was ok. My cell phone battery had gone flat. That wasn't a good feeling.

A few hours later Dad got to us, he had bought you some toys while he'd been away, you played with those in a tent that Nana had put up. He had been very worried and had driven without stopping. He told me that he drove faster than he normally does and that he passed some police cars that didn't try and stop him.

Later, when it got too cold we went home and we all slept in a giant bed we made by pushing all of our beds together. I held your dad's hand all night and watched you sleep. I cried thinking about the families that had lost people and about how lucky we were that those we loved were safe and unhurt.

I love you so much.

Friday, 21 February 2014

a duchess and a jewellery box

beautiful huh?
Recently, a friend restored a very special ( had it all my life) duchess for us, I love it. 
She buys and restores all sorts of furniture and while I was there I spied this jewellery box. While I was gushing over it and wondering how I could persuade her to it sell it to me she told me I could have it! How lucky are we?

The music starts playing as you open a drawer and stops when you close it. So sweet.

It got gold handles and a two coats of the left over blue paint we used in our bathroom ( Resene half oriental bay) and I think it looks perfect.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

cute print

I understand that this print will not be to everyone's tastes but I like it and so does my girl. I like the soft colours and the frame has a little line of gold around it which looks lovely in her room, not bad for $2 at the Rangiora oppy ( thanks Max) : )

Joining in with Max and this week's op shop show off.


Saturday, 15 February 2014


A post for the parents who are as anti holes in newly painted wall as I am!

M is really keen on these wee zelf things. We don't mind as there's only 12 in the set, they're inexpensive and they're helping her learn to break her nail biting habit.

She wanted to display them, I recently gave my brother's family her printer's drawer- so with that option gone here's what we came up with for on her big pin board.

1. Find a thick sturdy shoe box lid

2. Rule a line on the side and along the top that is the same distance from the side as the edge, cut with a craft knife.

 3. Put masking ( or washi) tape on the cut edges and paint

5. When dry, pin to a cork/ memo board- done!

Would also be cute for lego figures or any other small items.

We also used an egg carton to make them a 12 zelf bed/ carry case with their own half flower felt blankets..the things we do! : )

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

sharing the love

I made these up with the kids for them to give to their class after school on Valentines day. I'm trying to teach them that giving feels good.

They're not my idea- just an adaption from many different versions I've seen on my internet wanderings, I do think the heart shaped lollipops are a cute touch though : )

Here's how we made them:

We took a photo of each them with their hand out like they're holding something. I went on picmonkey to add the text and printed them off using snapfish. I wish I'd gone to a instant photo place though as T's frame got cropped out during printing.  I went back to picmonkey to use hearts to blank out their names- just because this blog is public.

Using a craft knife I made a wee cut in the photo where their hand is and pushed a lollipop through. We taped them on the back and double sided the lollipop to the front too.

We got the bag of 50 lollipops off trade me for $10. The 50 photos ( 25 each) also came to $10- so that works out at 40c per Valentine,  pretty good.

A bit of fun that will hopefully bring smiles to wee faces.

Friday, 7 February 2014

a new to us stool

We've put a trolley in T's room for him to make and display his lego 'creations'. We don't have room for his red desk chair. Like lots of kids, he's MAD keen on making up things sometimes spending hours pottering away in his room, so this change is a permanent one.

He still needed a seat for his desk so I went to an op shop today on the look out for a wooden stool. Out the back of one shop they had a great one, a bit beaten up but perfect, all except for the fact that it belonged to the local Labour MP Offices next door so I was told I couldn't have it. 

Not being one to let minor details like that get in my way, I went next door and asked if they'd sell it to me. I was told by his secretary " just take it,  a gift from Clayton Cosgrove."  

Thanks Clayton. Its fits the bill perfectly.

I'm quite keen on its roughed up painty look- so decided to give it a good scrub and just paint the seat

all done, I love it

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

frozen dinosaur eggs

As I stood at the sink for aaaaaages filling one water balloon up after another ( never again). I wondered what filled ones would come out like when frozen. I put some in the freezer and I've been waiting for a nice warm day to see.

Take them out of the freezer and give them a rub with a towel to get the balloon off.

They looked like dinosaur eggs to us, we loved the shapes inside them. Little kids would like these, especially those teething.

The kids had lots of fun trying to melt them or trying to have them not melt ( lots of great discussion around sun and shade) but the real fun started when I put my camera down and dared them to both put one down the back of their pants! x 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Mr Mischief

What he's been up to leading up to today...

playing candy crush
waiting nude while his washing dries
raiding the lolly jar
the zelfs taped him down and stopped his antics this night

playing with the plasters!
this morning's with an afternoon treat