Thursday, 25 October 2012

mum parcels and chalk pastels

Every now and then my mum will send me a parcel of ' thinking of you'  things from Wellington. Inside are clothes, recipes, 'treats' for me like lipsticks, face masks, new tights for Winter etc and often there's something for the kids too.

The latest parcel was lovely as it had my nana's hand written childhood memories in it... I know- pretty special and for the kids, these gorgeous chalk pastels. Thanks mum/ nana : )

The pastels were a treat for me too really, she must know how much I love watching them draw.

faces looking out of windows
drawing tables and chairs for...
his picture of the cafe that fascinates him ( and me as a kid). It's shaped like a hamburger. 
It's here in Christchurch on Blenheim Road.

M's cafe with tables and chairs too and mum and dad sitting eating spaghetti : )

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  1. oh becky I just love their little pictures, I thought the pastels were perfect for them because the size and shape