Monday, 8 October 2012

dinosaur egg money boxes

I found some small balloons and thought up this idea mostly to keep the kids amused while I paper mached the ice cream pinata I'm making. Whenever I put a layer on they want to help and it gets messy ( and makes twice as much work for me).

They each covered a small balloon in four layers of paper mache which we did over 4 days as each layer needs to dry before adding another. They painted them to look like dinosaur eggs ( or how we think they may have looked).

Using a needle I popped the balloons inside, painted them with a coat of polyurethane, which was slightly brown tinted which I thought looked good on them, and used a craft knife to cut slits big enough for inserting coins. One is a present for our wee friend who is 4 next month, there's one for us too. The idea is that once the egg is full of coins they smash/ rip it open to get the money out.

base colours
all done and ready to be wrapped as someone's pressie


  1. Cool fun. love to see them going all out and smashing them

  2. Just found your blog - love to see kids getting stuck into activities. Well done :)