Wednesday, 3 October 2012

for the fairies

We came home from being at Willowbank with friends just after lunch today and I asked the children to go outside and play while I did the dishes and tidied up from the morning. 

Sometimes if there's a sustained period of quiet it means there's something 'not ideal' going on like painting themselves and their clothes in mud or cutting something up (or off!) with scissors that they shouldn't.

Today, when M came inside to tell me that they had a 'surprise' for me I cursed myself for not paying more attention. I should've checked on them sooner- so, I said to myself, whatever they've done, it's partly my fault and I'll need to stay calm and just help them clean it up!

Anyway, this was my surprise... a 'place for fairies' awwwwwww

the leaves are for the fairies to sleep in
and the big rock is for one to stand on and keep watch
some ponies to ride on

a friend that says "this place is for fairies" when they come to look

A patch of grass on the lawn had been flattened and yellowed from a bucket being left there. They had collected flowers, stones, leaves and toys and made it into a 'place for the fairies'. Whew!

I went from 'oh dear, should've checked on them mum' to 'yay, I gave them time to explore and be creative mum' in a matter of seconds. Love them!

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