Monday, 15 October 2012

hammer, nails and polystyrene

A wee while ago J spent all day fixing our gate so that our dog stops getting out to go on adventures. T wanted to help, which was fine for about 5 minutes until he started getting in the ( J's) way.

I originally set up some wood and nails for him to hammer in but he was getting frustrated with not being strong enough to drive the nail in. I remembered how much fun he had banging the nails into the cardboard tube when we made the rain stick so started looking around for a cardboard box he could hammer nails into.

The same day J had bought a bench saw that came in a box and encased in two big pieces of polystyrene ( sorry environment!). I pushed the nails in by hand to start with and then T hammered them right in. The polystyrene was sort of hollow so we could turn it around and push the nails back through and start all over again, kind of like these wooden hammer things I remember as a kid.

He had a great time : )

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