Saturday, 6 October 2012

re-purposed prints

We've been painting a lot lately- my first love. Putting paint on paper calms me and I find it really, really enjoyable which is probably why I love watching the kids paint. They get very excited when I set up the table or easel and brushes. I love seeing how pleased with themselves they get when they blend two colours to make another then decide where to put that on their paper - it's one of my life's greatest pleasures.

My Dad and his partner moved into a much smaller house recently and didn't have the wall space for some square prints he had. I asked if I could have them for the kids to re- use.

First, I undercoated them with two coats of white paint. I then asked the kids what they'd like to do a painting of. T chose a dinosaur and M and fairy- I thought they were great choices are they're subjects they're familiar with.

We sketched in pencil, went over the lines in black marker and then painted using the wee tubes of acrylic paint my bestie gave me for Christmas. They love how they turned out and they now hang on their bedroom walls *big smiles all round* .

it's a colourful brontosaurus with t rex arms
love the 'floating' fairy wings

he's a happy dinosaur don't you know


  1. I love them! Can Nana please have a picture for Christmas!

  2. It seems everyone is on the painting buzz at the moment, we've been doing the same this at our house.