Tuesday, 24 June 2014

book week dress up day

I wanted to document this Tinkerbell ( from the movie The Lost Treasure) costume M and I made together for Book week at school. 

She wore a green top of mine ( recently given to me by a friend). I bought 25cm of green felt and used some for a leaf shaped head wrap. I tucked a red feather in it - just like Tinkerbell's. I used the rest of the felt to make a 'pixie dust pouch' and cut strips that I plaited for a belt. M didn't want to wear a wee caplet.

I was pretty impressed that M's dad insisted on making the pom poms for her feet. I attached each to a piece of felt and elastic that slipped over the front of her boots. Under the 'dress' she wore green tights and a green long sleeved top ($4.50 from kmart).

I filled her fairy dust bag with fine glitter and told he she could sprinkle it on people : )

I bought a donut for her hair to make her bun bigger. It's basically a sponge donut shape that you slip over a ponytail and then spread their hair over and bobby pin into place.

She had heaps of fun and won a book prize so the combined effort was well worth it.

Monday, 23 June 2014


M after being told we're off to the movies
T on a fluffy date with me
Last night I deleted my instagram account. I have fb, pinterest and my blog so don't feel I need it (not keen on twitter either). I also have a  very average phone and a pretty nice camera that I prefer to take photos with. I thought I'd save and share my favourite instagram pics though....
eel spotting at Willowbank

One of my beautiful nephews
at swimming

Hubby and Sonny



girls weekend

trying to save a sick monarch

hair cut time

our garage sale

NY bonfire


Kite day at Brighton beach

Toasting marshmellows at Rangitata beach

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

bored jar

I have planned to do nothing for the first week of the school holidays. It might sound a bit odd but I want to spend time at home and let the children get bored. I plan quite a lot of things for them and would like them to make up their own fun more often.

Last night I made bored jar. It's just a whole lot of ideas written on ice block sticks. The idea is that when they recognise ( or tell me!) that they're bored they choose an activity from the jar. Even if they start out doing exactly what the ice block stick says... I'm hoping that something else may come up for them as a result- and then the real creativity will happen.

Some of my favourites...

swap bedrooms for the day ( and night)
draw with your feet
draw blindfolded
write a letter to -a book or movie character, a friend, your future self
go outside and look for bugs, find them, photograph or draw them and then let them go.

Friday, 6 June 2014

juice box fairy houses

I left these things out on the table for the kids to find when they got home from school today. On the www we saw an idea that used juice boxes as a frame for fairy houses. Here's how M's turned out- T's was camera shy.

If I was a fairy I'd live there.

Monday, 2 June 2014

clay owls

M had her first ever sleepover at a friend's last night- she had a great time and was pretty exhausted by this afternoon- a perfect opportunity for all of us to have some quiet time ( and because I love it x).

I found the instructions for these here and bought air drying clay off trade me.

I love how each owl came out different. Some we'll paint and others we'll leave plain- most are planned as gifts.