Sunday, 26 February 2012

memory game

Our girl must've played this at Kindy as she set it up by herself and insisted that her brother and I play. The photos tell all, collect things for the tray,  take some time to look at them, cover them, secretly remove an item ( or in this case 3 items!) and the players then try and say what items have been removed. T was really good at it - please excuse the yucky old tea towel!

Friday, 17 February 2012

for the birds

I've decided to try and do something from my 'Kids' pinterest board every Friday ( our at home day). This morning we made bird feeders with the last of our Cheerios. The photos pretty much sum it up- great hand eye co-ordination practise for them- and they snacked at the same time. We hung them outside their rooms and  I love that they sat quietly at their windows waiting for birds to come.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

dollshouse update

I work faster than Fletchers ( a Christchurch joke) so today I finished painting the outside of the house and the roof. I've chosen some fabrics as I'm determined to make curtains, bedding etc using fabric that I already have. It's looking like pinks and blues and today I found a cute curved diamante sticker that I thought might look nice on the bedroom wall as a sort of 'blingy' bunting. My husband thinks I'm mad but I want to wait until I get the lino and carpet offcuts before I paint any walls- so I can be sure the colours are just right. I'm also deciding whether or not to do some scrapbook paper walls, here's a link to the cutest dolls house I've seen- and I've seen lots!

Sarah Jane Studios- dolls house

Yes.. . I can feel my mind changing, but that's all part of the process ( and fun!).

valentines day

I like Valentines day, I tell my family that I love them daily but I don't think there's anything wrong with saying it again on Feb 14th. The children and I made these gifts for family members ( potential spoiler there!). We started with some already played with red playdough which we rolled out. I helped the children cut out heart shapes and we used lace and the rolling pin to press patterns into the dough. I baked them at a low heat for 3 hours and let them dry out for a few more days. We applied a layer of silver paint by dabbing it with an old sponge and once that was dry I spray varnished them. I've hung them on ribbon and now have to think of a nice way to package them and in some cases post them as they're quite delicate. We made a special one for Dad with his name on it. Mum, you can choose yours!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

sticks and stones

We went away this weekend and a little art box went with us. There is no shortage of rocks or driftwood at the beach near where we went so I thought we might paint some of them. We ended up with brightly coloured 'magic wands' a couple of whales, a love heart, some bugs and a ladybird. We brought some home with us but others stayed there in the garden. I think the grandparents like them as they're a reminder to all that the hut really is a place for family.