Monday, 15 October 2012

mmmmmmm museli

I love breakfast, it's my favourite meal of the day, probably because to really enjoy breakfast you need to not be in a hurry - and I like to wake up slowly in the morning.  I also live by the theory that if you have a good filling breakfast you're less likely to be really hungry ( and grumpy as far as our kids are concerned ) before lunchtime.

I found on this great NZ recipe on this website http://www.nzfavouriterecipe.co.nz/

  • 2 cups big rolled oats
  • 2 cups of quick cooking rolled oats
  • 2-4 cups of ½ cup or so of any of the following the sky is the limit
  • Shredded coconut, oat bran, hulled millet, wheat bran, Seeds( sunflower, pumpkin seeds, sesame), nuts (almonds wholes of sliced, cashews, pecan), wheat germ.
  • ½ Tbsp dried cinnamon or quills
  • Vanilla pods (optional)
  • 3 tsp honey any sort
  • ½ cup of fruit juice any will do orange and apple seems to work the best
  • 1-3cups of any dried fruit sultanas, dates, apricots, cranberries, apple. Cut up large pieces.
  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Put all the ingredients except the fruit, honey and the juice into a large bowl and mix.
  3. Melt the honey in the microwave add in the juice and stir. Add to the mix in the bowl and stir through.
  4. Add baking paper to a roasting dish or similar deep baking dish and pour the mixture into the dish. Spread out so that the cover is even .
  5. Bake for 30min mixing a couple of times.
  6. Allow the mixture to cool and then add the dried fruit.
  7. Put into an airtight container and shake to mix the ingredients

When  I made this I used sultanas and put them in the oven ( for half of the time) with the rest of the ingredients as I like them when they're harder and all puffed up and chewy. I also put coconut, almonds and wheatgerm in mine. You have to watch it in the oven closely as it could easily burn, so I put the timer on for 5 minute intervals and gave it a stir each time. It also only took 20  minutes in our oven so you may need adjust the time in yours.

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