Thursday, 11 October 2012

an icecream pinata

The girl would like a pinata for her birthday. I've decided to make one for her friend's party in November- mostly because he'll like it but also to work out how it's done.  Getting the amount of paper mache layers right is the part I thought I'd find tricky- I don't want it to smash open with the first hit but also don't want it to take forever to open up and end up needing an enthusiastic dad to step in!

He likes ice cream so an ice cream in a cone seems appropriate. Once we covered the top part with several layers of paper mache ( the kids helped) I painted it with a base coat of white. There's no need to paper mache the cardboard cone. I painted the ice cream part to look like it's chocolate flavoured.

At this stage I used a craft knife to cut a small opening in the cone part of the ice cream we'll use to put the treats in. I used that opening to pierce a hole in the top of the ice cream part too. I threaded a double length of fishing nylon ( so the string isn't that visible) through a yoghurt container and tied the end to a small bolt. I did this because the string is thin and I wanted to anchor it inside the ice cream so the pinata doesn't just get separated from the string the first time it's hit.

I used strips orange crepe paper to cover the cone. We put the treats inside and covered up the door with more crepe paper. We'll use a soft bat on the day, anything too hard would've made short work of it- no fun at all.

The card is from Resene, they sell $1 sheets of card for testing paint samples so I always buy extras.
Drying in the sun

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