Thursday, 5 July 2012

sugar cookies

It's the school holidays, I love them as I get time to myself when the kids are both at pre school but I can also plan things for us to do together. Yesterday I took both kids to their first movie, they were a bit overwhelmed but loved it. This morning we visited a friend at her place. For morning tea, her little man had helped her make yummy iced sugar cookies in the shapes of flowers, hearts and gingerbread men. When we got home and after a VERY healthy lunch we made our own.

I've never made a cookie dough that's especially for rolling out and using cutters with, I've always just made up any sort of biscuit dough. I halved this the-best-rolled-sugar-cookies recipe. The recipe says to chill the dough but I didn't do that, I wonder now if that's the trick to stop them from spreading when they're baking. I've frozen half of the mixture so I will test that theory next time.

I made cutter ones but also took requests- one for a mermaid and another for a dinosaur that I cut out by hand- it was lots of very messy fun but they had a great time and we now have silly/ fun/ yummy bickies for any brave ( they're very sugary!) visitors we might get in the next few days.

And some extra special ones for Dad for when he gets home from working in the rain all day.

a sugary stegosaurus
pink mermaid-ness
completely focused and into it

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