Friday, 20 July 2012

a present from the fairies

Many posts ago I explained how I've made both kids fairy door's for their bedrooms. I saw this idea on Pinterest and even though M's birthday is still 5 months away I knew that as soon as I could find what I needed, I'd make it. 

I was relieving in a new entrant class yesterday. The teacher had asked me to take the children outside and collect walnut shells from under the trees to make little boats. We made them using half a shell as the hull, cut up straws and paper as sails and play dough to hold the sails up in the hull- some floated, some didn't- it was good fun and I popped a spare shell in my handbag knowing exactly what I'd use it for later.

The idea is to leave it outside the fairy door and tell M that it came from them- I can see her wee face lighting up now : )

Split the shell open and empty it of nut. Line the inside with some felt or any other material you have available

 Paint the outside of the shell with glitter paint or apply a layer of pva glue and glitter.

 Put the tiny gift inside ( a pegasus ring chosen by T , $3.99 from Toyworld). Tie a ribbon around it and leave it outside your fairy door the night before your beautiful's birthday.


  1. Very clever! I'm in a 'making things for fairies' mood too...

  2. What a cute little idea! Love it! :-)

  3. so, so, cute she will just love it!