Thursday, 12 July 2012

painting- a tried and true

The paints I purchased on trade me arrived yesterday. We got 10,125ml pots for $30 delivered- which I thought wasn't bad. The colours are nice and bright, they're water based and wash off easily. I set the easel up outside and gave the children ice cube trays filled with a bit of each colour paint. I like using ice cube trays as they can be washed ( using a big paint brush) and reused. We've used egg cartons for paint in the past and I've felt guilty for throwing them in the rubbish afterwards. We have a good brush system -they use one brush for a colour and when they've finished they put in a container. When they've used all of their brushes I wash them and they start over again. You might be able to see this in the photos- the used brush container is on the ground near them. I also gave them a black marker pen to draw their image before painting. Sitting in the sun drinking a coffee and watching my children paint - bliss!

M's painting of her nana patting a turtle

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