Thursday, 26 July 2012

our boy and boxes

T loves boxes and could spend a day playing with them, in them and using them to build things. I have a large box I keep in the garage and we use it to collect smaller boxes, tubes, boxes and card. I cut off strips of masking tape for him to use to stick things together but he's very keen on using scissors so also does a lot of destroying cutting! I helped him find a piece of dowel to use as a fishing pole, cut out some fish shapes and put a metal paper clip on each. I tied string and a magnet to the fishing pole. Today his sister is at kindy but when she gets home she'll be able to get into the boat we made and do a spot of fishing- I wonder if she'll be unlucky enough catch the boot? : )

arrgh odd socks- oh the shame!

fishing from his boat. That tissue box is his 'fish holder'

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