Friday, 13 July 2012

easy peasy pom poms

This idea came from my girl. She brought a very cute pom pom monster home from pre school last week. She told me she made it with an old cd. That got me wondering, how would you make a pom pom with a cd? I had images of using two cds together ( in the old school cardboard rings style we all probably did as kids) but then realised that the hole in the middle of the cds would be too small to thread anything through. Together M and I googled 'cd pom pom' and came up with this. M recognised it straight away as being exactly what they'd done at preschool. It's a really clever, easy, fast and kid friendly method, here's the link :


And here's some photos we took making our pom pom monsters. Thread some pipe cleaners through the middle tie and glue eyes on. These would make great monster theme party favours.

I've als added a photo from my 'make' pinboard that shows how to make mini pom poms using a fork- cuuute!


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  1. What a great idea! Beats the humble cardboard with a hole in it, so much easier for little hands too!