Saturday, 7 July 2012

paper owls

I like owls, so do the kids, their preschool's logo is an owl ( Minerva the goddess of knowledge). I saw this lesson on Pinterest, here's the link splishsplashsplatterart.blogspot.co.nz there's some other great art ideas there too. It's adapted slightly in that I cut all of T's triangles and circles out for him and most of M's. I showed them how to start off at the bottom. From there I guided them in adding rows of triangles or ' feathers' by moving up the page- 6-8 rows worked. We talked about how owl's eyes are big and round and where they could go on the page, they did all the gluing and added a beak, feet and feathers and in T's case, a smart triangle hat. 

I love collecting ( my husband would call it hoarding!) paper and card, I have a funny habit that I may have inherited from my Nana in that I can't throw wrapping paper or birthday cards away. For M's first birthday I even lined her dresser drawers with the wrapping paper her gifts came in. Every card they've ever been given is in a scrap book, I've promised myself to stop on their 5th birthdays- I'm just too sentimental I'm thinking.

I use paper and card in so many ways, preschool scrap books, collage, paper mache, sewn paper buntings, card making, sculpture. My growing collection of 'special' paper, card and stickers will be used to cover M's school books next year- I know, I'm such a planner! 


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