Friday, 29 June 2012


I've looked at the beautifully coloured playsilks available online for years now, never having enough money to buy them. They sound like something my kids would enjoy playing with as they're described as an 'open ended toy'.

Do you remember being a child and running free in a field with the wind all around you? Think about being on a swing and feeling the wind rush past your face as you pump to get as high as you can. The urge to run, skip, hop, and stand still in the breeze is inherent to a child. You might say it’s their job to be curious about the world and find joy in experiencing it. 

Our job’s as parents, educators, and care givers is to support that desire and to encourage it. It is our job to instill a sense of wonder so that further development can take place. Growth is then stimulated in terms of gross motor (physical), emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.
Playsilks are a simple piece of cloth to adults. Something that at first glance is pretty but not as flashy as a video game or other electronic device. I would encourage every family with pre-school and/or young school age children to own a playsilk for their toy box/dress-up area. Playsilks are colorful, soft to the touch and are light as air as you float and soar like a butterfly or eagle. 

Stimulating a child’s visual and tactile senses is a positive and beneficial thing to do as a parent. Playsilks also offer a world of creative opportunity. The cape, wings, veil, skirt, shawl, or other object the silk transforms into is the basic activity you want to happen.

From this blog happyhousequilts.blogspot.co.nz

original ( beautiful I'm sure) playsilks available here http://sarahssilks.com/
One of my best friends gave us a gorgeous wide and 8m long piece of silk sari material yesterday. It's the perfect size to be used as a river, tent or shop awning : ). I realised that I don't really have to pay for 'proper' playsilks but instead decided find some more silk fabric to build up our collection. We went to an op shop today to look for fabric for M's 'super girl' super hero costume (a future post) and I found large square 100% silk scarves for $1.99 so I got some. At home I spread them out on the floor  and watched M and T decide what they were all about- lots of fun. Before long M was wearing some and draping one around the teddy before giving him a haircut. I'm looking forward to seeing what other play ideas they come up with. In Summer they can use them outside- they'll look beautiful in the sunlight.

the sari- such fun colours

the boy peek a booing

fun as a tent!


  1. This is so lovely to see Becky, it confirms that toys do not have to be the latest gimmicks or expensive, this sort of play allows their imagination to run wild, I love it!!

  2. Awesome post, silks and scarves are awesome playtoys, my son is constantly stealing scarves to dress up as a pirate with