Tuesday, 5 June 2012

pet peeves

Do you have any pet peeves? I probably have more than I'm actually aware of! One that's getting to me lately is the kids taking the cushions and squabs of the couch and playing with them on the floor. I admit that it's probably not an issue for many people in fact I have friends who encourage it- but it bugs me.

There's a bit of dust in our house, roadworks outside, wooden floors and an unsealed/ stoney driveway will cause that. I have asthma so I vacuum every day but I still don't like seeing parts of our couch and my new cushions on the floor. We're also not strictly a 'shoes off inside' house because of the already sad state of our flooring ( this will change when we re carpet during our earthquake repairs...one day....sigh...). 

So, since I'd like to encourage their creativity and also save my nicer cushions this Winter, I've bought them some 'play pillows'. They were $1 each from a local op shop. They now have a big pile of ( washable in Summer but mostly very uuuuugly) cushions they can use to make their huts, little beds, cars and boats with. I hope they like them...

and it seems that they do!


  1. One of my pet peeves is I hate when people go out in public in their pajamas. Maybe that sounds petty but it's annoying to me!