Wednesday, 6 June 2012

mmmmmm marshmellows

 It's snowing today. This morning I was half way to work and thought I'd call to check the school was going to be open. It wasn't so I turned around to go get the kids from their grandparents place and head home to our fire. On the way I stopped at Payless Plastics for some marshmellows and toothpicks. I'd seen this sort of thing before on the web and knowing how much our kids love marshmellows and 'building' I figured they'd enjoy it. 

The blog below recommends using stale marsh mellows ( I'm guessing as they'd be harder) but we wanted to eat ours. So with nice clean hands and warm cups of Milo we made some shapes and sculptures and watched the snow falling outside. The link below uses mini marsh mellows and they made cool big structures making ours look a bit pathetic, still, we had fun ( and it was yummy).


a dog
a mouth full!
mum's star

a fence with a horse inside
fishing for marshmellows

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  1. Yummmmmmmm, what a great idea and then you get to eat them!