Thursday, 28 June 2012

pillowcase art

I sorted out our linen cupboard today and came across some unused pillowcases. They don't match any sheet sets we have so I thought we could paint them using fabric paint. I couldn't find my fabric paint stash so I improvised by using permanent markers. I put a piece of hardboard inside the pillowcases so that the markers only drew on one side. The pegs stopped the pillowcase moving around too. M drew some 'apartments' that have a family of ladybirds living in them and a garden of smiling sunflowers ( not sure where those ideas came from!). T decided on a dinosaur on one side and a series of roads with a car on the other. It's still flannelette sheet time at our house- it's freeeeeezing outside at night, so these may not be used until Summer- still, it kept them happy for 1/2 an hour- and gives me time to find the fabric paints so they can add to their designs. And yes I could've ironed them before they drew on them, but I hate ironing, so I didn't!

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