Friday, 8 June 2012

tin foil

We're on to day 3 of pretty cold and miserable weather. We wrapped up like we're off to Antartica for swimming lessons this morning but have been home since, both kids have streaming noses and croaky throats so it was another day in front of the fire for us! I wanted to try and do some more sculpture with them but lacked the energy for a whole lot of mess so decided on tinfoil. The kids struggled a bit with the 'joining' so I helped them with that but enjoyed turning flat sheets of foil into lumps and shapes. You might recognise some people and a chair ( made by mum) a crocodile ( a T and mum collaboration) and a snail made by M. M also decided to make a tiny little bowl of grated cheese and carrot for the people to share on their picnic- so kind.


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