Thursday, 21 June 2012

an animation effort

We made our first little home movie. I'll wait by the phone for the call from Weta workshops, hahaha. Still, even with mum's hand appearing in the movie and our focus issues, the kids loved it- especially my attempt at getting the dinosaur to 'wink' at the end. I set up a 'stage' using a piece of card background and one of M's kindy paintings as the floor. I then took lots of photos of the dinosaur, moving it a tiny bit before each shot. I have a handy mini tripod I used for this as it helps keep the camera still. Then I exported the photos from iPhoto to Quicktime, changing the settings to the fastest available and adding some music.

iMovie would do a much better job of this but I don't have it and my OS is too old to download the version I found in the App store. I'll nut it out and teach the kids how to do this for themselves when they're older. They'll have access to very whizzy macs and ipads at the school they're going to, I can already see them making wee Barbie, toy car and lego movies, fun!

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  1. that made me laugh out loud - love it! watch out disney!!