Friday, 5 April 2013

where's that pause button?

Have you ever wished you could stop time for a bit and enjoy the stage your kids are at for just a little longer? Both of our kids are in a really good space at the moment, M is thriving at school and T is loving kicking around with me on weekdays. I think they're enjoying that little bit of space they now have from each other and are better friends for it. I'm really proud of them and love being their mum and while I find myself wishing they'd stay little for longer- I'm also really looking forward to seeing what sort of 'big' people they become.

Walking home from school pick up yesterday Thomas was holding my hand. He let go of it and started looking carefully at my fingers while we wandered.

T: " What's this finger called mum?"

Me: " That's my ring finger"

T: " What's this one?"

Me: That's my index finger"

T: " This one's a pinky finger isn't it?"

Me: " Yes, it sure is"

*long pause*
T: " Mum...which one is your fish finger?"

He then got the giggles- he'd made up and told his first joke and was pretty pleased with his efforts.

p.s these are fish fingers : )