Wednesday, 10 April 2013

dinosaur drawings

I just had to share these dinosaur pictures T painted. He used two pieces of paper because he wanted them to "be very long so I have room to do the body and the head". Don't you just love kid's art work?

lots of legs so he can run fast

this one even has a belly button

I still have to supervise our painting sessions but have a trolley of supplies at hand so they can draw, colour, trace, write or make something for someone whenever they feel like it. It's probably not a system for those that like things to be very tidy and out of sight all of the time but it works for us!

Tip: cleaned and dried tin cans are great for storing felts, pencils and crayons : )


  1. Love it! My #2 came home yesterday with a spider she drew at kindy... but it had no eyes which she seemed very proud of!

  2. Fabulous art... and it is so much more likely to happen when the supplies are all handy too :)