Tuesday, 30 April 2013

barbie and aragorn go paddle boating

This idea came out of a bit of of guilt really. Recently I took the kids 'baby' toys out of our bath and gave or threw them away. I was sick of having to move them aside to shower, they looked messy and some were getting 'manky'. T was a little bit devastated so I made them this.

The picture tells it all really. Just two plastic bottles taped together with spaces cut out.

After about 3 minutes of peaceful paddle boating Barbie and Aragorn ended up getting capsized. They had to swim back to the boat to safety. Barbie used the arm circles she'd just learned how to do at swimming lessons. Aragorn needed Barbie's help as his left arm tends to fall off. She had to get them both back to the  boat very quickly as there was a giant yellow nail brush monster in the water.

He he. I could listen to that sort of play chatter for hours.

So easy, a bit silly and lots of fun at bath time- even for our 'big' 4 and 5 year olds.


  1. that is awesome! Love that Barbie stepped up to help Aragon - who says she is just a ditzy blonde!! "o)

  2. and their Big Kid Mummy! love it Becky!

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