Thursday, 18 April 2013

a dog house

I'm a skite I know but I'm very lucky to be married to a clever man who often helps make my ideas a reality. This is actually his latest project and since this is a family page, I'm sharing it.

Our dog Sonny has been going on adventures lately, not letting fences or gates get in his way. He's dug himself out countless times, has been bought home by dog control once for chasing cats ( naugh-ty!) he's just being a p.a.i.n.

We've decided that when we're both out he needs to be on a run ( rather than having the whole back yard to himself). Since it's getting chilly we decided to get him a kennel- for a supposedly 'tough guy' breed he's a real sook and hates the rain.

I liked the  look of this one but it was $269.00 plus delivery on trade me. That was all the motivation hubby needed to make one himself...

sides ( old doors) roof framing ( old wood)  and door drawn...
Sonny watching while having a chew on a stick- one of his favourite things to do
door cut and roof on...
recycled weatherboards on

done! he likes it more than it looks like he does x

It's tucked in a sheltered corner,  lined with carpet and he has some cosy blankets inside. We're going to cover the door from the inside with some hessian or something to keep the wind out. I haven't decided if I'll paint it. I may just hold out for any leftover paint from our EQ repair- or leave it 'rustic'. Pretty neat for a grand sum of $0 eh!: )


  1. Hi Becky so nice to meet you at the Conference too! Fun having a look at your blog. This project looks amazing! What a clever man you have around the house. Looks way better than the one to buy. Love the rustic look.

  2. That's awesome Becky - clever Jamie! I like the rustic look. You will be glad to know you didn't purchase the one above as we had ours for not even a month and it started to fall apart - really really badly made, cheap and nasty. Sunny will love it!

    1. Ours won't be going anywhere in a hurry - solid as : )

  3. I think Jamie is very clever, a great mansion for the dog! Even better that it cost nothing but his time and energy!

  4. I love the weatherboard look, he's going to be cosy as well as contained!

  5. Very clever - love the look of it!