Thursday, 4 April 2013

underwater photos

A few weeks ago I won a funny looking underwater camera set on trade me for $1. I bought it and some film because I think the kids look super cute swimming around underwater and wanted to preserve the memories.

They both loved it ( especially taking the ones of me that I've chosen to not publish on here!) and I was genuinely impressed at how long they could hold their breath.

The pictures were taken at Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre before their lessons.

I tossed up as to whether to buy one of these bag type things for the camera we already have but decided this time a one off a $1 investment was a better deal! I may get one of these if we ever get that overseas holiday we've been talking about : )

Here's an auction for another film type underwater camera

SO much fun!


  1. WOW!!! How awesome is that!!!

  2. cool - which pool are you in??

  3. The lesson pool at Graham Condon Miriam. It's pretty shallow for the kids so I must've looked pretty silly trying to ' sink' myself when I was taking these lol