Thursday, 11 April 2013

a toy we had to have!

Have you ever come across a toy that you just have to have for your kids? We went to our Kindy's fair in the weekend and I saw this block set.

It's a beautifully simple idea that I think is very cleverly put together by someone who obviously 'gets' kids and how they play. I know is going to provide hours of fun for our two. Here's some photos of how we used them this afternoon.

I set it up like this for the kids to discover when they got home

lovely huh?
the smile says it all!

You could also use cars, constructions vehicles, littlest pet shops, other animals, fairy figurines, the possibilities are endless.

They're made by a mum called Miranda who also happens to be a pre school teacher. If you would like to buy one of these sets for $20 ( they come in the cool flax kite bag pictured) please email her on : mrmwiffen@hotmail.com

They'd make a fantastic birthday or Christmas present and I don't think they'd be too expensive to post.

The set also comes with some lovely flat river stones. Our family has hut at the Rangitata river and since we have a boy who has always loved collecting stones, I asked her to leave them out of this set- but I will be buying more!