Saturday, 13 April 2013

a hand painted toy by the boy

T is loving drawing dinosaurs lately so I thought I'd extend it a bit and have him make a soft toy/ pillow of one of his dino friends. 

I had hoped that it would help him relinquish 'blankie'. Blankie was once a lovely woollen aircell blanket. He's cuddled in bed and on the couch since he was about 18 months old and it's now in 3 pieces. It didn't work, but I'm not too worried because I think it will disintegrate over time. I keep finding little tufts of it all over the house!

he used a permanent marker to draw a dinosaur on calico
I taped the calico to a surface so it didn't move around while he drew.

He used fabric paint to paint the dinosaur,
he's like his creator- colourful and full of character

I have so much love for this wee man
We let the paint dry and I sealed it with an iron as per the paint's instructions 
I sewed it into a cushion in the night and snuck it on his bed for him to find in the morning
This is blankie...
this is Donny ( named after Don off the Dinosaur train)


  1. Tell him I have a friend called Donny too!! that is so gorgeous, what a clever wee boy he is!

  2. Wonderful idea! Dinosaur Train is a big deal in my house, with Don being a firm favourite. As a result we have holes dug all over the garden and nature collections in every corner.

    1. When we visited my mum in Wellington last year I had a great time calling out "time tunnel!"to him every time we went through one- I'm just a big kid myself really : )