Tuesday, 22 January 2013

sketches to softies

I am so in love with this idea. Child's own is a studio that custom makes toys with children. Children send in their drawings that are then transformed into soft toys by the artist Wendy Tsao. Wendy created Child’s Own Studio in 2007, after making her first softie based on a sketch that her 4 year old son was constantly drawing. 


"I am inspired by the child’s drawing, a wonderful expression of childhood.   Typically, a drawing is sent to me, and I decide if I can work with it.  (I normally work only with children’s drawings, hand-drawn and coloured).   There may be notes included with the drawing.   I may ask for clarification about some details.   And then I get to work, in my Vancouver studio.  The machine whirs, scissors snip, needles zip, and everything gets covered in fibrefill fluff.  Details and color choices are reproduced as closely as possible, and I may use some artistic licence – unless you specifically tell me not to. When I am happy with the finished softie, I take photos of it and send them to the customer, before shipping the softie to the young artist."

"I celebrate children’s art with hand-crafted softies and give young people a sense of the soft, small comforts they can make and of what power they have, with their imagination.  Children need to know this, so they grow up knowing the power of designing, making and crafting all sorts of things for a civilized world. " Wendy Tsao

Aren't they wonderful?!

Allie aged 6
Zara aged 5
Amelie aged 7
Emelina aged 9
Emilie aged 6
Devon aged 10
Javinda aged 2
Veronica aged 7
Malia aged 6

There's more gorgeous softies to see here: animals
here: dolls

I also really like this idea: your child's drawing appliqued on to fabric


  1. loving these ideas, my 5 year old daugher is drawing crazy so she would so love this (and its her birthday in April so would give me time to create on maybe!)

  2. I think these are really great too! People are so clever...!