Sunday, 20 January 2013

a pin board d.i.y

Last year I was given a lovely big gold painted frame. I knew straight away what I'd use it for so this really should be called a d.i.m- did it myself : )

We have lathe and plaster walls so it's very tricky to put any screws, nails, thumbtacks or picture hooks in the walls without having plaster fall out in wee clumps-  it makes a real mess. When our house gets its post quake fix we're really hoping it will be re-lined in gib board, if that's the case we'll want to protect the walls and not put too many holes in them. This little project was all about creating a place for M to display her art, photos etc with minimum wall damage.

I started by buying a piece of pinboard that would be big enough to fit in the frame. I got ours on trade me for $15. I cut the board to size and put it in the frame securing it with liquid nails. I then gave the frame and board three coats of white paint. We started painting while the clamps were still on because M is as impatient as I am!

It now hangs above M's little desk and she only wants to put 'school stuff' on it when she starts next month. The piece of pinboard we got is massive so I have another piece the same size. I'm now on the lookout for another frame so I can make one for T's room.

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