Thursday, 24 January 2013

fishy business

For the boy's 4th birthday we got him an aquarium and 3 pet fish. He named them Mr Muscles, Milo and Lightening. We went away for 3 nights and asked our next door neighbour to feed them for us. Something went wrong with the tank set up and we came home to find Mr M and Milo had died : (.

I got some advice from the pet shop we got them from and we think it was something called 'new tank syndrome'. The nitrates and nitrite levels weren't in balance which lead to high levels of ammonia and then ammonia poisoning. I swear when I was a kid I just put a couple of goldfish in a bowl of tap water with some oxygen weed and they were fine- there were no expensive drops/ water treatments necessary.

Anyway, after some expensive drops, several water changes and three trips to the pet shop to have the water tested- we finally got one more fish for the tank- Mr Muscles the 2nd.

The back of the tank is up against his wall and we have filter and light cords visible. I thought it might be fun for him to create a scene that we could attach to the back of the tank as a background. He ( with some help from his sister) has drawn some 'seaweed', rocks and a few purple and pink fish friends swimming upwards! It looks much better than wall and cords and as you can see he's very chuffed with his efforts : )

Lightening and Mr Muscles II

bless 'em xo

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  1. Love the back wall art - I'm sure the fish will appreciate it too :)