Friday, 18 January 2013

plaster of paris at the beach

We love the beach, especially in the morning when there's less people and it's not as hot. The last time we went we took some plaster of paris with us to experiment with making molds in the sand. It was a bit hit and miss as I don't think I added sea enough water the mixture so it was a bit thick- the hand and foot molds we tried weren't deep enough for the plaster so we ended up making made blobs with shells on. Nice blobs that will always remind me of one of their favourite places.

We dug little holes in the sand, pushed a shell in and added the plaster on top. It took about 25 minutes before the plaster was hard enough to be dug out of the sand and left in open the air to dry fully.

Next time we try it I'll take an old cup and measure the plaster and water out properly. We'll mix the plaster closer to the water and I'll have the kids make their molds in the wetter sand. We were a bit too high up the beach as was worried that the tide coming in would was them away before they were dry enough to move.

At home I sprayed a few coats of polyurethane on them so that the sand didn't come off and go everywhere. I bought the plaster of paris off trade me but I'm sure most hardware places would sell it.

Here's the found blog post that inspired our experiment : )


in its special place on his mantel

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