Friday, 21 December 2012

puppet love

My dad is really clever. As a kid he made us lots of things, one of my favourites was a puppet, he hand carved and painted it. It wore a satin suit with green buttons and had pink stripy socks. I've had him all my life. About 6 months ago...in the middle of the night... I wondered where he was.

In the morning I got up into our attic and found him tucked in a box. His suit had been eaten by silverfish, his buttons were loose and he looked a bit sad.

For a bit of fun I had the idea to send him to dad to see if he could fix him up for the kids for their birthdays. Dad lives in Perth so I took a bit of a risk sending him NZ post!

He arrived back to us today (with a sock puppet friend). I love him from the silver bell on the top of his new hat down to the red bells on his boots!

I'm sure the kids will too.

Thanks heaps Pop xo

What should we call him?

Have you kept any toys from your childhood?

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  1. this is so amazing, I remember him well and so cool he has been refurbished. I will think of a suitable name!