Monday, 10 December 2012

a flower pinata

It's the girl's 5th birthday party next week. She requested  a fairy theme but I didn't want to make a fairy pinata ( something about hitting a pinata that has a face bothers me!) so we made a flower- modeled on my favourite flower the peonie.

We used a big round balloon as the base, paper mached it in four layers, painted it pink and glued on the petals. The petals are pink paper place mats I cut up. I used some green cord and felt to look like the stem and leaves. There's freddo frogs, fairy bookmarks, fairy and pirate body stickers and lollipops inside : )

Not a great photo but you get the idea, making a pinata is so much fun.

I'm also looking forward to getting everything together for her party. Some shudder at the thought of spending a morning baking for a party and icing and sprinkling up a storm but I LOVE it.

I'll add some photos after the weekend- keep your fingers crossed for nice weather for us!


  1. that is easily the prettiest pinata i've ever seen. i love the party planning too, as long as i've given myself lots of time. looking fowards to seeing the rest of your party makes x

  2. All the best for the party! Your ongoing creative is ids very inspiring :)