Wednesday, 12 December 2012

a mermaid costume

The kids have a mermaid party next week and with no 'real' costumes I've had to get creative. The good thing about being a fabric and other stuff hoarder is that after a good rummage I can often put something together pretty easily. I made a long skirt out of some green crushed satin, cut a tail shape, hemmed it and drew scales on with a gold marker:

The rest of the costume is:

~Her already owned gold sequin tee shirt ( k mart) and green jandals ( cotton on kids)

~Necklaces and bracelets from the dress up drawers

~Strips of ripped green and purple satin and a shell xmas decoration tied to her fairy wand

~Green satin made into a skirt with the bottom cut into the shape of a tail

~A purple hair tie with more fabric strips attached 

~I'll paint her fingernails and toenails gold the day of the party and she's said she'd like 'crinkly' hair so will go to bed with her hair in plaits the night before : )

The boy is going as Sponge bob square pants- being less creative with him and just borrowing a SB hat and tee shirt.


  1. Well done on the costume... clever 'fish scale' detail on the skirt :)