Thursday, 20 December 2012

a poem for my nana

I will breathe in the smell of the sea, fresh rain and newly knitted wool and breathe out comfort.
Where did the time go? 
Childhood seems like yesterday, eating cherries, gooseberries, chips and eggs and the best scones I've ever tasted.
Building tree huts, up on your step stool doing dishes, your arms around me in a hug.
Years later I towered over you and you'd fit under my chin.
I'll miss watching your eyes sparkle with love as you held our babies, the smell of your perfume, your softly wrinkled skin, shopping days out, fits of giggles, long phone calls that always ended with
'love you'.
I'll miss it all. I love you Nana


1 comment:

  1. such a great poem that captures lovely memories of your Nana, love the photo too