Monday, 3 December 2012

a book advent

I didn't get around to making or buying our kids any sort of advent calendar this year. I've decided to make up a book advent for two weeks out instead. I like buying the kids books and as their birthdays are a week either side of Christmas Day I had a few aside as presents already. I'm waiting on the last two Christmas themed ones from https://www.bookdepository.co.uk.

Starting with the 12th of December I wrapped 12 books up separately, alternated them ( his and hers). and put a date sticker on each. I've seen this done before, with books that are just about Christmas- but I've wrapped a range of books- some picture books, a few simple chapter books for the girl and some non fiction titles too.

I'll stack them up next to the Christmas tree. They'll get turns opening one each night before bed. There's a special one on Christmas eve ( The Night Before Christmas) with new pjs too : )

I think we'll all enjoy this little routine. I also think the books will get the attention they deserve as I suspect if we gave them to them alongside the 'probably a bit more exciting toys' on Christmas day- they wouldn't!

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