Sunday, 20 May 2012

art attack

We like to watch Disney Junior in the mornings. One show the kids really like is called Art Attack.

The show is just step by step instructions for making lots of crafts like picture frames, puppets and gifts. Much of it is too old for the kids yet but they're still engrossed. One part of the show we all love is the Big Art. The artist uses pieces of cloth and everyday items to construct a big outdoor image, here's a video that shows what I'm talking about- fast forward to about 1.15.


Anyway, I wrote this post as today I noticed our boy playing with the pile of clean washing I was 'yet to get to', I was about to tell him to stop but realised he was 'busy' so waited. I'm so glad I did. Hand on heart, all by himself, he made a dolphin! He even left the room to get our oven mitt to use as a nose! So any tv haters, this sort of thing reinforces my opinion that a bit of tv is fine and can even be a source of inspiration. I'd like to make note too that this is the ONLY time my undies will be seen on my blog! lol

the front part of the dolphin, with a big eye
to busy being creative to worry about 'builders crack' lol

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