Sunday, 6 May 2012

fairy garlands

It was a miserable day today so we spent most of the day inside. M and I went to her friend's 4th birthday yesterday. I was inspired by the child friendly craft activity the party goers made with the host and her daughter. It was a flower garland necklace/ lei made with cut straws and hand cut paper flowers. The children loved the threading and they had a nice reminder of the (mermaid/ underwater theme) party. I'd like to do something similar for our girl's 5th 'pixie picnic' : ) this year so we did a little experiment, it went well so we have our party craft sorted. 

You need:
long pipe cleaners ( 2 joined for each child)
fake flowers ( or a lei cut and the flowers pulled off like we used)
ribbon cut to lengths

Give each child the joined pipe cleaners, ask them to thread beads and some flowers of their choice onto them. Threading onto the pipe cleaner was easy for her as it stayed taught and the beads didn't fall off. When finished, twist the two pipe cleaner ends together, make a ring and secure a long length of ribbon in a bow at the join. Cute!

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  1. what a great idea Becky, I look forward to making one!