Saturday, 26 May 2012

scooter stand

I've seen these at schools lately as lots of them are having ' wheels' days or letting kids ride scooters at school every day. I'm guilty of filling up our garage with all sorts of 'stuff' so thought I'd attempt to tidy up a bit by making us a scooter/ bike stand. I've had some little blocks of wood aside for a while, I wanted to sand them up and make these, found here on a brilliantly clever blog called mermag: mermag.blogspot.co.nz


but it hasn't happened ( yet!). The photos pretty much explain the steps. I had to cut open our nearly finished tube of liquid nails with a craft knife and use a stick to apply it- can't let it go to waste!

my helper, I soon realised I wasn't going to be able to hammer a nail through the cubes!
so out came the liquid nails- love the stuff!
I sort of guessed the spacing, the wider ones could be for bikes.
I painted it white while the kids slept
and today they added colour
in use; much tidier ( I'll sweep the garage later!)
with the leftover liquid nails, M asked if we could make her a pink camera

say cheeeeese!


  1. That's such a cool idea, love the camera, so cute

  2. Very cool Becky, I love their intent wee faces!