Tuesday, 15 May 2012

my mum

I thought a bit about my mum on Mothers Day last Sunday, she doesn't live in the same city as us so I sent her flowers for the first time ever. Mum's great, she listens to me when I need to vent, never judges and gives the best advice. She has shown me unconditional love and now that I'm a mum I have a much better understanding of what that's really meant for her. We ( my younger brother and I) had a great childhood and now we're 'grown ups' she's a wonderful Nana to our kids and an important role model for me. She's in luuurve with a great man, she volunteers, cooks, gardens, blogs (capital living) is into photography, has a much busier social life than ours and is just an all round lovely person. I haven't always been nice to her. When we were teenagers I was particularly not nice. I feel bad about it now. She was a solo mum much of our childhood and she worked hard to provide for us. I decided to repay her by being a 1990's version of a painful Emo type teenager, minus the long black fringe but with the same revolting attitude. I worry about (but also know that the day is bound to come) when my kids treat me in a similar way. I think my heart will break into a million pieces. The other day I heard a friend's 11 year old tell her that he "hates" her. I was mortified, she just brushed it off as a near daily occurrence. I wonder if there's something that needs to happen or something I need to do in order to possibly avoid having my heart broken in approximately 10 years time? Not all teenagers are mean to their mums are they? Our kids will be different... that reads like a Tui add... " yeah right!"

Love you mum xo
My mum on the left, aged about 20? with my beloved Nana

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