Friday, 25 May 2012

fairy doors

Our kids like fairies, particularly our girl. I think we've watched a certain Tinkerbell movie at least 10 times! Fairy doors have just started popping up on the internet and one of my favourites can be seen here: littlefairydoor.com. I love their potential to inspire imaginative play and the many possible uses for them like for when the tooth fairy starts her visits or for when little notes of encouragement need to be 'left' during the night.

I decided however that, even though it's gorgeous, I can't justify spending $45 NZ + postage on a tiny wee fairy door. Instead, I put to use one of the wooden frames we've been given ( we also used them in the embroidery for beginners post). Making this door was a fun process that started with me buying a $3, 1/12 scale door knob (it even came with a key!) from a dolls house supplier on trade me. Once the door handle came I could judge and measure how big to make the door. I dismantled a frame, cut it to size with a saw and glued it back together with pva glue. Next I cut a piece of hardboard to fit, glued cardboard panels on and painted it. We have quite high skirting boards in our home so I'll have a surface to attach the door to. I think I'll just use some blue tack, we go through so much of the stuff  I swear our place is being held up by it! I plan to make T one too but with an oval frame in a kind of hobbit style with a yellow door ( his favourite colour). They're Christmas and birthday presents, if I can wait that long that is!

I LOVE the little key that came with the door knob. When my nana passed away my mum gave me one of her jewellery boxes. A while ago I took the time to carefully look through it. She kept broaches, earrings, badges, a hat pin and necklaces in there. Some were broken, some had missing parts and tucked in one corner was a lovely little gold and pearl pendant. M turns 5 in December so I'd like her to have it. I bought a child's length gold chain ( it's not real gold!) and threaded the pendant and the little gold key onto it. I think it looks really sweet- perfect for her to wear for special occasions like her '5' birthday party ( eeeek!).

I'm just a big kid really and much of the stuff I do for the kids is for my own pleasure, besides I can't see any harm in encouraging little imaginations. I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring to this... the dolls house supplier even sells tiny 1/12 scale welcome mats- do you think I should get some? : )

in progress

the door plate
cute eh?
teeny tiny entrance next to the big one
we can leave the fairies presents too
the pendant

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