Thursday, 5 September 2013

our washing 'speriments'

I wouldn't be a very good 'Souper' if I didn't let you know how I thought the Vanish Napisan product performed. 

Like many families I'm sure, the most common stains in our household are grass, dirt and food stains. To get the kinds involved I asked them to 'messy up' the fabric swatches I was sent in my soup kit. We used 3 day old dirt/ mud, grass stain, beetroot juice and squished banana as our stain challenges.

I wrote in permanent marker what each of the  stains were, I soaked them in Vanish Napisan Oxi for an hour and then washed them with another lid full of Napisan and our normal powder.

Here's some before and after shots:




Pretty impressive eh! I remember dried old banana was horrible to get off bibs when the kids were little. You can see some dirt on that test bit but that may be because I left it stained for a few days before washing. I should have treated it with a 'paste' of Napisan and water before soaking.

We started using Napisan when the kids were babies but if I wasn't already a convert it would now be on our shopping list. The kids liked doing this experiment, any opportunity to be messy and they're there. Now... just to convince them that the two full laundry baskets in our room and bathroom are as much fun!
So there's feedback soup asked for. They also asked me to run a competition which I've decided to do using the comments on this post. All you need to do is write comment here about A) how your children like to 'messy play' or B) a stain removing tip. You don't have long as I am posting about this towards the end of the trial period- so  comment now : )

I'll put your names in a hat and draw one name out on Wednesday 11th September. The winner will receive a $50 Westfield voucher! Yay! I'll contact the winner to arrange postage of the prize.  Feel free to share this post with your friends. 

Have a look at the Soup website too, it's free to sign up and I get the feeling that being a mum may increase your chances of being chosen to trial things- free stuff is fun!

A yummy little T getting grubby and 'helping' in the garden


  1. Wow I'm super impressed that it got banana out - banana was always my stain nemisis! my little ones are messy eaters does that count as play? :o)

  2. Wow - it's actually impressive seeing someone do it "for real" you know? my kids get dirty beyond semblance in painting at school and kindy and then playing with the dog in mud and grass and rain and dirt mostly... not to mention some of the eating disasters! specially bolognaise! thanks for the chance to win Becky!

  3. You will be on telly next my Becky!!

  4. I'm not in NZ, but had to say 'Yes! Banana! Ew!' I never knew hoe gross banana stains were until I became a mother. I also go through a lot more nappi san since becoming a mother! :)