Friday, 13 September 2013

a gorgeous and very generous giveaway

Stella ( from The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse) is hosting a fantastic giveaway, go and check it out! Here's her words about the gorgeous goodness up for grabs...

1. Ipad Mini Case/Clutch from Blackbird And The Owl.  This ridiculously cool clutch was custom designed just for this giveaway!  Peggy let me choose the colours and patterns, and I do rather love it!  Check out her site to customize your own cute clutch.  Valued at $70
2. Sailor Spy clothing voucher.  I've shared something of my love for Sailor Spy here, and really, I think this is a New Zealand designer we all need to keep an eye on!  Nin has currently put some of her beautiful stock on sale (as well as some LOVELY new pieces), the perfect time to spend a winners voucher!  Valued at $75
3. Leather Wrap-Around Watch from PetitJuJu.  Throw away your phone (well okay, don't literally throw it away) and keep holiday time the old-fashioned way with this way pretty watch.  Valued at $75
4. Hand Painted Butterfly Scarf from ArmeniaOnSilk.  Beautiful and soft - this reminds me of the gentle summer's breeze.  Perfect for spring and early summer, or for driving open-air in a convertible ;-).  Valued at $70
5. Sukie Diamonds Cotton Tote Bag from Wocolate. These colours make my heart sing!  Store your travel snacks, or all your must-have travel accessories in this pretty bag.  Wocolate is a new discovery, and that shop is filled with products I adore!  Valued at $39.95
6. Blue and Green Wooden Bracelet from Jull Made.  I love this bold, statement piece!  Jull Made has so many lovely pieces, and very affordably priced too!  Valued at  $21
7. Ceramic Adjustable Ring from imkajewelry.  I love the gentle hues of this ring, feminine and bold, with a touch of geometric shaping.  So pretty...  Valued at $25.50
8. Weleda Skin Food.  Weleda has long been one of my all-time favourite companies (I even worked there at one stage, that's how much of a dedicated fan I am).  This skin food is a really lovely product, with a pretty citrusy scent.  Valued at $21.90
9. Trilogy Rosehip Travel Collection.  A more perfect travel companion could not be found.  Trilogy makes lovely organic products that smell divine, and all packaged in travel sized portions - sweet!  Valued at $39.90
10. Karen Murrell Rymba Rhythm Lipstick.  Love this shade!  This beaut lipstick is made from natural products and environmentally friendly, and also, the packaging is divine.  Amaze.  Valued at $29.95
11. Blackmores Digestive Bio-Balance Capsules (45 capsules).  These can be used by the whole family, to help keep the bacteria in your digestive system nice and healthy.  So you know, you stay nice and healthy during your holiday :-).  Valued at $29.90
12. Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger (30 capsules)  For the travel sick (I NEED this for our next trip), a non-drowsy formula for family members over 6 years.  Valued at $16.90
13. Blackmores Tart Cherry Sleep Capsules (60 tablets) I don't know about you, but I often sleep terribly while I'm holidaying, and this might just be the answer to my problems.  A natural, non dependancy-inducing product - sounds perfect.  Valued at $44.90
14. Penny Scallan Juicy Apple Creative Set.  Cuteness!  A nice easy way to keep older kiddos occupied during a long journey, or during quiet hours on holiday.  Valued at $30
15. Toffee Apple 3-Seasons Sleep Sack from The Sleep Store.  I seriously want one of these for Garland.  Cute and so helpful, because if there's one thing little people love to do, it's to kick off those blankets.  Fyi, the winner will receive a pink striped Sleep Sack.  Valued at $129
16. Thermal Lunch Bot from Munch Cooking.  Make your kiddos some delicious, hot (okay, warm) travel food, and store it in this super handy insulated food container.  Sounds like a good idea to me!  Valued at $24.99
17. Munch Cookbook from Munch Cooking. Okay, not technically a travel item, but a v. useful wee resource non-the-less.  And just because I like to float my own boat ;-), I just got nominated as one of NZ's best kiddo food blogs in the Munch Awards, hehe!  Cookbook valued at $28
18. Rabbit clothing voucher.  Eeee!  I missed out on winning the voucher given away at Mend and Make New (though one of my RL friends won it, woot!), and now I get to give away a voucher myself!  Rabbit is definitely my favourite new kiddo clothing discovery, and probably yours too, amiright?!  Valued at $30
19. Little Monster - Sherbert from Needlebot.  Um.  CUTE!!!!  That's pretty much all I need to say about this prize, other than, AFFORDABLE!  The perfect little travel buddy for a little one.  I may just have to ask santa to purchase one of these for one of my littles this Christmas.  Valued at $20
20. Penny Scallan Juicy Apple Junior Wheelie Bag.  Love these wheelie bags!  This is part of a new range put out by Penny Scallan, and I adore the vibrant red.  That's one suitcase you'll easily spot on the conveyer belt!  Valued at $58
21. Felt Shark Mask from Struckla and Peach. I know that my kids would get a kick out of sporting this mask during a long and boring road trip.  I'm sure it would make you pretty popular with other travelers too!  Valued at $15

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