Sunday, 8 September 2013

our new peach tree

The boy has said more than once that he'd like a peach tree. We have strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and lemons and a fantastic vege garden that my husband takes care of- but I also wanted some more fruit trees. The blossoms are very pretty and I was very pleased with the price- $10 on Trade me. It was cheap because the seller wasn't sure of the variety it could be Golden Tatura or it or Golden Queen- I'm just pleased it's not a Black Boy peach- I'm not a big fan of those.

Husband has said that it was probably cheap because it's a standard tree- ie it grows up to 6m tall- oops, we'll have to prune it! I must remember to by dwarf varieties from now on : )

Here's some shots of us planting it- planted right next to the playhouse so T can " look out the window and see if the peaches are ready".

I plan to spend the day in the garden tomorrow giving it a weed and tidy- I love being in the garden with the kids- do you?


clearing the space

This one will be fun to look at when he's 20 : )

Here's some pics the boy took- I don't know why I like them, it maybe because I enjoy seeing what got his attention :)


  1. Outside time with kids feels magical more easily, I think! Love kid shots too!

  2. Love the blossoms especially! spending time outside is so rewarding isn't it!?