Thursday, 12 September 2013

a polka dot wall

I have coveted these types of polka dot wall decals for some time. I like the idea that they're not permanent ( I'm always changing things around at home). I like that with decals I don't have to make my mind up about anything that's long term- the thought of having to decide on wallpaper for the kid's rooms would just be too much for me. I could never build a house- too many decisions to be made!



Recently I found this site http://polkadotwallstickers.com/

I bought 60, 2 inch ( that's 5cm-ish ) gold dots for $8.98 US plus $10.99 US shipping ( which came to $25 NZ inc postage). I couldn't find them cheaper anywhere in NZ.

After putting them on a bigger wall and then changing my mind I found out that the stickers came off  really easily and repositioned well too (whew!). We're going for a random look for now but one day I may like to spend the time spacing them out evenly : ).

I've hung the pin board we made together low enough for her to pin whatever she likes on it. Pre-quakes she was just sticking things up with blue tack but now that our walls have a fresh coat of paint she's not allowed!

I love it, it makes us both smile...


  1. Ooooh it looks great! - love this idea... I would find it pretty hard to go past rainbow coloured dots! Very grown up eh? :)

  2. Love the random positioning! These look great! And did you know that Max of Blackbird Has Spoken posted the same thing today?! Two of my fave bloggers with the same brill idea! xx

    1. cool! going to go check it out and say snap! : )

  3. no way, i just blogged these as stella mentioned! they are so freakin' cool! great minds eh ;0)

  4. Beautiful dotty wall. I change my mind a lot too.