Saturday, 18 August 2012

take a toy parachuting

I remember making these when I was a kid, I can picture us using one of my brother's plastic toy soldiers and a hanky. I also remember trying to get higher and higher using trees, fences or the shed roof so the drops were more dramatic- hours of fun. I recommend buying a single hole punch, I've used mine heaps and it was $3 from the 123 mart : ).

You'll need these things, two pieces of string each cut to about twice the diagonal width of the paper napkin.

Stick sellotape to each corner to make them stronger and then punch a hole.

Make two knots to make 'handles' in one piece of string and tie the ends on to each corner. Tie the other piece of string to the first in the middle of the handles and then each the ends the other holes ( making a cross).
Attach your parachutist ( we taped the strings to the back of the toy too).
Take it somewhere high up and drop it.
So simple and heaps of fun!

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